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What is the difference in prints?

Artist Proofs (AP)

They are prints outside the standard edition which are intended for the artists private collection and used as part of the original artist-publisher agreement. Often an artist will have prints pulled at the first run to check for register color, contrast, and other desired quality. Usually less than 200 prints. AP are not always offered. Some professional collectors consider them to be more valuable because of the quality selection process. (When available, Inspirational Paintings charges $10.00 more than the regular S/N prints.)

Signed and numbered prints (S/N)

Limited Edition often desired by serious collectors. Sometimes a S/N print can increase in value.


Normally just the print. It is not assigned a number. May or may not have an artist signature. It is often of a similar quality as the S/N or AP, however it rarely goes up in value, Relatively less expensive. (When available, Inspirational Paintings charges $10.00 less than the regular S/N prints and generally comes with the artist initials.) If not listed or identified, call to confirm the availability of Artist Proofs arid Overruns for a particular print.

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