President Bush Letter webDear Jim,
Thank you for sending me one of your lithograph prints, “Greater Love Hath No Man Than This.” It is a most inspiring response to the tragic events of September 11.  _______ and I are grateful for your support for our son.

please keep him in your prayers.
All the best to you and yours
A former President of the United States

All these prints add a feeling in my room, that I can’t describe. My favorite is “The Lord is My Shepherd.”

Dear Mr. Davis
My husband is a NYC firefighter. Your images of firefighters in your picture is extraordinary. I gave my husband two of your pictures for Christmas.
After losing about 40 or so good friends in the WTC attacks, not to mention 343 brothers, your pictures were a reminder of who is really in charge – Jesus Christ. Knowing that they are now with the Lord and that God is really our lifeline, is a humbling experience.
May God Bless You and guide you to continue your work.

My dear friend and chief of my department, showed me your paintings and encouraged me to buy one,… died of a heart attack in the line of duty. I’ll always miss my friend, but my paintings will always remind me of him!

I want to thank you for the print “Blessed are the Peace Makers.” It is a beautiful print and I have a special place to hang it my office.
Jim sketch while in 9th gradeJim, I remember in school watching you sketch on note pads and marveled at your talent even then. I knew that one day you could put it to good use, but to combine it with your spiritual convictions is even a greater blessing.
Thank you again and keep up the good work.
L. Cogburn, Sheriff of Hardee County (A grade school classmate of the artist)

Chaplain ______ is still holding his own in his battle with cancer. His eyes water when we talk about your prints.

I can’t thank you enough for the pictures that you sent to me. You have a great talent and I thank you for sharing God’s word through your paintings.

Dear Jim,
Words cannot express how moving the prints are. They are so dynamic!
Dublin, Ireland

I was trapped in an apartment after the roof collapsed on me. I spent 13 days in the hospital recovering from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns to my face, arms, hands, legs and buttocks. Also, I cracked my knee cap when falling down the stairs. The doctors were so amazed with my recovery, but it is all because of the power of prayers. Many people from many denominations sent cards to me saying they were praying for me. And I truly believe that without them the outcome would be different,….
I take your pictures with me when I talk to groups of people about what the Lord had done for me. They are very inspiring to me and helps me share with others about God’s love for us.

I am a training firefighter for the _______ County Fire Department here in _______ Georgia. Your paintings have inspired me to pursue a career in firefighting.

They help inspire and provide assurance of His protective love. They are a beautiful interpretation of what matters most.
Spotsylvania, VA

I am in the Air Force stationed in Saudi Arabia and saw your prints… They are beautiful. I can’t wait to receive my order.


My name is ______. My husband died while on duty last Friday. He had just purchased a print (The Lord is My Shepherd) a couple of weeks before his death. Upon its arrival, he immediately placed it above the mantle. I had the print placed beside him during the funeral service. Your print has and continues to help us through this time. I am interested in purchasing a couple more of your prints. I have replaced your print above the mantle and you will never, never, know how much it means to me and the children. Thank you for sharing your talent with others, especially in their time of need.

We learned of your artwork when we last went to his (my husband) doctor’s appointment for injuries sustained during the _____ fire in October 1996. His burns covered about 30% of his body, second to firefighter’s _____ injuries of 75%. As we were leaving Dr. _____ office we noticed your print on his office wall and were deeply impressed by your work. We know the Lord was with ______ when he encountered the situation that entrapped his company and was with him through the entire healing process. We feel your artwork is an evangelistic tool and pray that the display of this print in our home will be effective in pointing people to Christ. Thank you again for honoring our Lord with your artistic gift.

(Firefighter/paramedic that had cancer)
Thank you very much for the second print. I wanted to tell you about our blessing by the Lord. When I had called you and ordered the 1st print, afterwards my wife said, “I really like the painting with the baby. Look at the baby and the angel pushing the rope over.” She thought I should have ordered that painting, so I thought maybe I would get the 1st framed and see how it looked and order the 2nd for her later. And then when we returned from our trip,… your package had arrived and there were both prints. Out of the 5 possible you could have sent,… it was “the one.”
I hope you can read this. I have a 4 year old asleep on my lap and I am on my way to work. You do very beautiful work, and I can hardly wait to get these pictures framed and up.
(His mother writes several months later,…)
I just wanted to let you know how much your print meant to my son. He lost his battle with cancer the week
before Christmas. He was a dedicated firefighter/paramedic who had spent the last 10 years with the _____ Fire Department. Your print is hanging in his house and he expressed,…

I carry your prints to various meetings and share my personal testimony about my Lord. Thank you.

Fire Chief in a large department:
I have all your fire prints on the wall behind my desk. I have arranged them in a cross pattern. I cannot thank you enough.

We purchased one of your prints for our fire chief who was retiring. All the personnel signed around the outside matte and once it was framed, it looked great. He cried when we presented it to him. Thanks.

Aircraft Carrier Crew Member:
We have your 911 print hanging in our dining area. It reminds us who is ultimately in charge and reason for our missions.


Fireman order now
Christ the real hero
301 The Lord is My Shepherd
2-of-5-Christ The-Guiding-L