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Jim playing with his daughter WINTER HAVEN — Jim Davis of Winter Haven has discovered a miraculous anti-aging secret. Since he undertook the regimen at age 62, Davis said he has become brawnier, more vigorous and happier.

Davis’ secret? Becoming a father.

At an age when an American man is more likely to be considering the purchase of a recreational vehicle or downsizing to a condo, Davis accomplished the bucket list task of changing a diaper for the first time at age 62. Today, he celebrates Father’s Day as dad to Charlie Anne, his 3-year,….. Read more of my story at:


Some time back, my little daughter (Charlie Anne) wanted me to use her children’s water colors to paint her a dinosaur. Before I knew it, I got all carried away and started making a real man eater,…. I was about half done,…. when I observed that her reaction  was not what I expected! It badly scared her. My wife let me know that I had a lot to learn about little girls.

What my daughter wanted was the second picture,… The dinosaur with the pink toes and a friendly smile.

I’m learning!!!.